Unleash helps people, organisations and companies to realise change that really matters.

Who cares wins

Who cares wins

We live in a rapidly-changing world and the demands and expectations placed on businesses have changed radically in the past few years. We’re all now much more aware that we live in a world of finite resources and, if businesses are to continue to succeed, they need to be able to adopt a new, flexible approach. Traditionally, businesses have had only one goal; to generate maximum profits. This narrow approach is, however, outdated and we believe that the successful businesses of the future will need to be defined in much broader terms, and will need to adopt a more all-round business approach.

Such a versatile approach could include the creation of business models that are profitable whilst also helping to make the world a better place; communicating consciously; and the creation of a corporate culture with high levels of employee-engagement and customer loyalty, with creativity at its core. It is our philosophy that achieving meaningful change is not only dependent on thinking grand ambitious thoughts and dreaming dreams, but also on the taking of bold actions.

We believe that those organisations that care for more than mere profit will be winners in the long run. Such purpose-driven organisations will also ultimately end up being more profitable, by being more attractive as an employer and more likely to have loyal customers and partners.

To be able to realise change that really matters, we combine both organisational and business development. A quick, superficial fix will not hold, in the long run. Therefore, our approach is to work from the bottom, up. We always co-create new strategies and new services in conjunction with our clients and, most importantly, we then assist in the transition to a new organisational structure and corporate culture that actually serves the purpose of the organisation. Everything we do focuses on realising change that matters. And for us, that is change that adds value for all of the organisation´s stakeholders, not just for the owners.

What we aim for

What we aim for?

In Swedish, the word for business is “näringsliv”. This literally means “to nurture life”.  We incorporate this definition into our approach and aim to facilitate the development of a business that nurtures life; that creates value for all stakeholders and that exists for something more than merely the making of short-term profits. In order to nurture life, you have to combine the achievement of financial results with a value of a different nature for the world in which you exist.

Our aim is, therefore, to help invent and shape the future business world - a future in which organisations care about the impact they have on the world, the value they add to their owners, the well-being of their employees, the products they sell to their customers, and the kind of culture they develop; in short, a company that nurtures the life of every one of its stakeholders.

Cross boundary and broad minded

Cross boundary and broad minded

We recognise the importance of innovation, development and creativity within an organisation and we always seek inspiration from different perspectives, branches, influences and ideas so that we can create a higher value for our clients.

Within our global network of strategists, facilitators, leaders, creative-thinkers, scientists and entrepreneurs, we have the necessary experience, knowledge and resources to help our clients to realise change that matters anywhere in the world.

Who we are

Who we are

We are a co-creative for more than profit agency, driven by curiosity and a passion to help our clients achieve a realisation of change that really matters. By focusing on both organizational and strategic development, we’re able to support realisation of organisations that not only combine meaning with results, but that are also loved by owners, customers and employees alike.

By combining a big heart with a sharp brain, our mission is to help you and your organisation to realise change that matters. Our agency is based in Sweden but we work wherever we are needed. Our core team consists of people with extensive experience in developing and running businesses and organisations themselves, and who specialise in constructing strategies and ensuring operational excellence.
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Kajsa profil

Kajsa Balkfors

Kajsa Balkfors is an adviser, strategist and cultural entrepreneur operating within the areas of business, the arts, education and the public sector. She is the management consultant who became a circus director. During her 12 years as CEO and head of R&D at internationally-renowned Cirkus Cirkör, she co-established contemporary circus on a national and societal scale with a strong entrepreneurial focus. Now she is back in the public, non profit & business world to help organisations re-think risk and opportunities in order to be able to navigate and succeed in times of change. Kajsa is CEO, senior consultant, coach and educator at Unleash and brings a unique competence in strategy, leadership, collaborative innovation and creativity. She works thightly with her clients and a global network of partners in quest.

Contact Kajsa at:
e-mail: kajsa@unleashglobal.com
phone: +46 707 97 13 60
skype: kajsa.balkfors


Nanna Frank

Nanna Frank is working with consious business through dialogue, participation and strategic visualisation. She is both serving the role as a facilitator, harvester and trainer. Nanna is specialized in strategic visualisation, which means she uses the visual language to create clarity and commitment in projects and strategies. The visual language is essential in Nannas work because it supports meaningful conversation and results that matters. Strategic visualization is popular for organisations working with complex issues and multi stakeholder processes. Nanna is educated from the Kaospilots, a danish business school for creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. The past five years Nanna has been working both in the public and the private sector helping companies and institutions to become learning organisation.