Becoming a responsible company


Becoming a responsible company

The company is beholden to public-benefit concerns alongside its profit motive. Chouinard is committed the company to be an outstanding place to work and to be an important resource for environmental activism. He helped establish 1% for the planet in 2002, an initiative for companies that wants to help the environment. By establishing the brand, Chouinard showed that it is possible to build the foundations for an environmental friendly company loved by owners, customers and employees alike along with making profit. Read more about how Patagonia have been operating in Mr Chouinards book “Let my people go surfing” or in the portrait made by Swedish magazine ICON in their april issue of 2013.

We live in a rapidly-changing world and the demands and expectations placed on businesses have changed radically in the past few years. We’re all now much more aware that we live in a world of finite resources and, if businesses are to continue to succeed, they need to be able to adopt a new, flexible approach. Traditionally, businesses have had only one goal; to generate maximum profits. This narrow approach is, however, outdated and we believe that the successful businesses of the future will need to be defined in much broader terms, and will need to adopt a more all-round business approach.

Companies as Patagonia, that creates value for all stakeholders, not only inspire us but also gives a proven business case based on long term responsibility and decisions maken upon commercial and social benefits.

If you want to read more about Patagonias ideas and focus, check out this website: Becoming a responsible company.

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