Photo: Erik Lernestål

How can you create a common intellect?

The employees at The Swedish Royal Armoury (Livrustkammaren) no longer felt secure following a period of re-organisation. The new requirements placed upon them left them feeling disempowered, whilst they still retained a lot of potential and had new ideas concerning the future direction. This resulted in a workforce that wished to participate but that lacked identity. In conjunction with the leadership, we decided that the employees could be responsible for forming the new working strategy. During a two-day long conference, we formed a process which allowed the employees to create a strategy that everyone believed in. Initially, the leadership of the organisation was very sceptical of our methods, but the results were overwhelming and they admired the power that had been revived and that could now be utilised in the organisation. A new confidence was formed and the workforce was now empowered and had a strong identity.

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